Pure Plus concept

Fancy indulging your creative urges and putting together your own bathroom and kitchen accessories? Or do you prefer to have a ready-to-use solution, so you can put away or hang up your accessories right away, whilst you can rest safe in the knowledge you are still getting the best value? Courtesy of the Pure Plus concept, you can go for either... or both.

Pick and mix your own bathroom and kitchen accessories

If you are something of a creative spirit and you are keen to put that creativity to work, why not put together your own bathroom and kitchen accessories. The Pure Plus products consist of a number of items which can also be ordered separately. This will see you effortlessly creating your own custom bathroom and kitchen accessories. How does it work? Very easy:

  • The first thing to do is to pick the wall mount of your choice. There is gives y a wide number of shapes, sizes and materials to choose from.
  • You have a choice between a rod in relic'd iron or a rod in white bronze, depending on the desired colour.
  • If you like, you can also order a few separate hooks which will give your towel rack added functionality.
  • Finally, you get to finish your accessory with caps to go on the tips of the rod. Please note: some wall mounts are open on just one side. As such, they no longer require a finish cap. Wall mounts that are open on either side can be finished using caps in white bronze or relic'd iron.

Ready-to-use bathroom and kitchen accessories

The Pure Plus line also includes a wide range of ready-to-use accessories for your bathroom and kitchen. The choice here is particularly comprehensive, from toilet roll holders to towel racks and curtain tie-backs. In addition, this line also comprises hooks and coat racks, to hang up bath robes and clothing items. Needless to say our ready-to-use products are wholly in keeping with our 'pick and mix' products, leaving you free to simply combine the two.