Our materials

The Pure Plus bathroom and kitchen accessories are manufactured according to an ancient technique, which gives a unique, weathered look. Therefor all of our accessories are unique, stylish and timeless. The quality of our products is also assured, as you buy them for life.

The Pure Plus accessories are made in white bronze or in obsolete iron.

Bathroom- and kitchen accessories in white bronze

Pure Plus wit bronsThe white bronze that is processed in the Pure Plus line is an alloy of various non-ferrous metals. This is first cast in sand models, and then finished by hand. Each piece is given a truly unique touch and feel.

The benefits of white bronze are numerous:

  • White bronze has a unique color that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • White bronze does not oxidize, thus making varnish superfluous.
  • White bronze does not require additional maintenance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Bathroom and kitchen accessories in obsolete iron

Pure Plus verouderd ijzerThe obsolete iron that is processed in the Pure Plus products is an alloy that is also poured into sand models and then finished by hand. This gives the final product a certain roughness, making bathrooms and kitchens accessories in obsolete iron instantly recognizable.

Obsolete iron has a unique, aged look. This is caused by the application of a dark natural beeswax, which also protects the alloy against corrosion. Aged iron is especially suitable for indoor use. If you decide to use it outdoors anyway, it is recommended to treat it with dark wax.