You will find our products not only on our website and in houses, apartments and offices but also in the most popular magazines. To give you a look at our publications we have copied them below. You can also download high resolution pictures of our products. 

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Pure interior publications 


RTV broadcast: 

Missed the RTV broadcast of the Pure Interior products? No problem, you can watch it here over..and over.. and over.. Special thanks goes to Dauby and Tom Lenaerts of Lento Interiors.

 Click here to watch. 


Tijdloos wonen: Tight and snug in Harmony

Bad weather or sad mood? Stay inside is the best possible solution to spend the day. Want to make it the best place on earth? Take a look at this article to get inspired. 

Special thanks goes to Peter Deckers, who is the decorator of this beatiful apartment. Click here to read the article. 

Tijdloos wonen


Tijdloos wonen: Better gut feeling

The founders of Dauby - a company name that stands as a rock - prove their passion and show you that they have a heart for decor. Dauby is sysoniem for exclusive decorative fittings, stylish mood lighting and senses broadening air freshener 'pure nature'. But the couple also has a heart for children and people in general, and that's ultimately much more important in this life. A warm and enriching conversation. Read more.



Handmade door- and windowfittings: a 3000 year old technique

Admiringly looking at typical little houses that are built with a eye for detail. The public appreciation for crafted doors and windows with their beautiful locksmithing is big. We immerse ourselves in the traditional way of producing such products from 3000 years BC. till now. 

Keukens landelijke stijl


Country style kitchens: Perfection in imperfection

A quick look is enough to see how much door- windows- and furniture fittings are present in a home. Door Handles, window handles, latches, cabinet knobs, towel rails... These products are the finish to any interior. Distinguish you from the rest and and only choose for high quality. It might be a detail but you will notice it right away when its not right.